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Who we are

Aqua Africa is an emerging leader in the development of climate-smart, social-impact projects which utilise solar power to provide safe, clean water to areas of the greatest need, reducing the plight of daily water poverty across Africa.

Our First Project

Our first project, a contract with the Government of Ghana, has a value of €30million and will be fully delivered in 2023. This project will alleviate a minimum of 225,000 people from daily water poverty and is 100% funded by UK Export Finance (UKEF) & HSBC as a LMA accredited Green Loan – which is the first ever green loan financing by UKEF & HSBC in Africa.

Leading the way

The project will position Ghana as the pioneer and leader in Africa for water poverty reduction and will contribute greatly to the economic and social development of communities, meeting the adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals for water and sanitation.

Through this valuable and important social impact project, in
collaboration with the MSWR and Aqua Africa, the Government of
Ghana can quickly demonstrate its commitment in collaborating with the private sector and the UK Government in delivering on its
‘Water for All’ policy.


Work with us

Information about current opportunities

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Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading climate-smart, social impact investment company in the Water & Sanitation sector

Our Mission

To provide sustainable access to Water & Sanitation for 10 million people across Africa through  transformative thinking, innovation, and a passion for change.

Everyone deserves clean potable water 


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