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Project #1

Aqua Africa is now contracted to deliver water projects to rural and peri-urban communities in Ghana with a value of €30million, using proven UK designed technology and systems, this project will deliver clean drinking water to 162 locations, and will alleviate a minimum of 225,000 people out of daily water poverty.

This project has been responsibly developed by Aqua Africa over a period of 8 years, including securing 85% of the project financing from UKEF, with the remaining 15% contribution being provided by the MoF at the Government of Ghana via an HSBC commercial facility. These loans are now fully accredited as Green and the first by both parties to Africa.

Aqua Africa has gained significant UK and Ghana Government connectivity, including the full support in Ghana of the Presidents / Vice President’s office, the MSWR and the CWSA, as well as the UKDIT and the UK High Commission network.

Working with experienced African suppliers significantly reduces procurement and delivery risk with the phasing of the implementation of the projects across an 18-month period. Aqua Africa has secured full exclusivity contracts with both H2go and other suppliers for the (Aqua Africa designed) integrated R1 Nano-filtration/ cashless payments system which will be used for all the installations. For delivery, Aqua Africa will enter into fixed price contracts with all suppliers and maintenance requirements for the complete installation and ongoing management of each specific project.

In Summary

This project will be the largest commercial delivery of a potable water and revenue capture solution ever undertaken in Africa and will form the blueprint for Aqua Africa and UKEF to deliver further projects in Ghana and across sub-Sahara Africa.

Having entered into the loan agreements between the UK and Ghana Governments, the contract has 2 key elements of delivery, 150 stand alone Nano filtration sites in rural locations, giving water access to 90,000 people and 12 small town water supply systems serving 192,000 people.

The project will position Ghana as the pioneer and leader in Africa for water poverty reduction and will contribute greatly to the economic and social development of communities meeting the adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals for water and sanitation.

Through this valuable and important social impact project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and Aqua Africa, the Government of Ghana can quickly demonstrate its commitment in collaborating with the private sector and the UK Government in delivering on its 'Water for All' policy.

In summary, this project will enable MSWR & CWSA to reach the rural and very rural areas of Ghana to continue to reduce the plight of daily water poverty and to deliver clean, sterile water to all. The planned tariff revenue generation and cashless collection system will create efficient and effective management solutions and safeguard proceeds, and the project will create a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach that will future proof demand and service needs. Furthermore, the project will make an important contribution towards Ghana’s progress against SDG6 and will set the platform to deliver further projects across the whole country.

our work in Ghana

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