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Aqua Africa's Trip to Oti Region with CWSA Regional Director, Henry Ampah Johnson

Aqua Africa Limited is a UK company and emerging leader in the development of social-impact projects which provide access to safe, clean water to areas of the greatest need reducing the plight of daily water poverty across Africa.

Our first project in Ghana will provide community-based potable water infrastructure under a €30m contract with the Ministry of Sanitation & Water Resources for Ghana, our climate-smart solution will provide 150 rural communities and 12 small towns with off-grid solar power and an integrated revenue capturing ‘pay as you fetch’ system. The whole project will benefit 282,000 people in rural and peri-urban communities across Ghana.

In a preliminary diary, Philip Foster travels to the Oti region meeting with Mr. Henry Ampah Johnson, Regional Direction of the Oti Region at CWSA, to understand the challenges this small town faces with the existing water supply and explores how best to rehabilitate the current system to ensure stability in the future.

The CWSA is the agency extension of The Ministry for Sanitation & Water Resources and is the lead public agency responsible for the rural water and sanitation sub-sector in the country, mandated to facilitate the provision of safe water and related sanitation services to rural communities and small towns.

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