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Aqua Africa set up a demonstration site at the Community Water and Sanitation headquarters in Accra

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Aqua Africa team has completed the design and installation of a demonstration site for the nano-filtration component of the Rural Communities and Small Towns Water Supply Project at the HQ of the Community Water & Sanitation Agency in Accra.

This has allowed us to design and test the process of installation; work with our key partners and suppliers; demonstrate our technology and capabilities; and will allow us to fine tune the design and installation planning for all our project sites.

We began by undertaking a hydrological investigation of the CWSA premises to ascertain an appropriate location for a new borehole, followed by the drilling of a new borehole, and subsequent water testing and analysis. The borehole was drilled to a depth of 74 metres. A sample of water was then taken from the borehole for physio-chemical and bacteriological analysis. Lab testing at the Water Research Institute showed the water is not potable in its current state and requires nanofiltration.

The site comprises an R1 nano-filtration unit, a Grundfos AQTap dispenser and SmartCards for water vending, a borehole and pump at a depth of 65 metres, and solar panels with a switch for the pump; and is now fully operational and ready for use.

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