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UK Secretary for International Trade praises Aqua Africa’s work in Ghana

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Aqua Africa was today mentioned in an op-ed written by Liz Truss, the UK’s Secretary for International Trade. In it, she notes that Free trade is the proven path to success. It is the way countries make its citizens richer, the way towns grow and the way individuals can transform the lives and those of their families by creating something new.

Ahead of the UK Africa Investment Summit, she announces £620 million-worth of deals that UK Export Finance, the world’s oldest credit agency, has provided financing for, remarking that these deals are a great success and show the huge potential of Africa, home to eight of the 15 fastest growing economies according to IMF estimates.

In her op-ed, she highlights the work of Aqua Africa, saying:

“Very soon, the sunshine in Ghana will provide clean energy to sterilise drinking water for 225,000 people across the country, thanks to Aqua Africa, a UK business that uses solar powered technology to deliver five litres of water a day for less than a third of a penny. This is a great example of how British expertise is being exported to bring innovative solutions to people’s lives.”

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